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Music in the hands of an Optimist.

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Photography by Lydia Consilvio

Bare Necessities for Oboe-Playing and Reed-Making

Forrests Music - Double reed specialists; general supplier.

Midwest Musical Imports - Oboe tube cane, shaper handles, and more.

Edmund Nielsen Woodwinds - General supplier.

Hodge Products - Double reed supplier.

Mark Chudnow Woodwinds - General supplier.

Woodwind & Brasswind - Inexpensive oboe cane and more.

RDG Woodwinds - General supplier.

Advanced Reed-Making Equipment (pre-gouging, gouging, shaping)

Adam Shaper Tips - I regularly use Caleb and Caleb -1.

Weber Reeds - I enjoy the Weber 1-B shaper tip.

Jeanné - I use her M (wide) shaper tip.

Carlos Oboe - Coelho oboe shaper tip is one of my favorites.

Innoledy - Vendor of my oboe gouger: sturdy and reliable, consistent results.

Reeds n’ Stuff - Well-made products and reed-making machines from Germany.

Ross Woodwind - Has been making gougers since 1980; reliable machines and products.

Oboe Repairs

Albert Alphin Wind Instruments - The vendor of both of my oboes. He sells quality instruments and provides excellent, reliable, and quick repair service. Based in MA.

Carlos Oboe - Oboe repair expert based in IN; one of only two craftsmen in the US trained in the F. Lorée factory in France.

Oboe Makers

Buffet Crampon - The maker of my current Greenline oboe (composite: blended plastic and wood). Sturdy and reliable (cannot crack) and warm sound. Made in Paris.

Fox Products - The maker of my first oboe. Good student oboe that served me very well. Made in Indiana, USA.

Lorée - Widely appreciated instruments for both students and professionals alike; made in France.

Laubin - Hand-crafted instruments made in New York, USA; no two oboes and key-work are alike.

Reed Makers

Oboe Reed Reviews - Customer reviews about reedmakers around the world.

Légère Reeds - The revolutionary synthetic oboe reed.

Sheet Music

Boosey & Hawkes - One of the most reliable sheet music publishing companies.

International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) - free downloadable music from the public domain: parts, scores, and recordings.

Oboe Practice and Reed-Making Information

Oboe and Reed Information - Valuable thoughts and methods compiled by Martin Schuring of ASU.

Oboe Resources - useful links compiled by the oboe studio at SUNY Fredonia.

Oboe Fingering Charts - Basic and alternate fingerings spanning all octaves of the oboe from The Woodwind Fingering Guide.

Professional Organizations

International Double Reed Society - World-wide organization of double reed (oboe and bassoon family) players, manufacturers, and enthusiasts.

American Federation of Musicians - The Musician’s Union.

Oboe Practice and Reed-Making Information - an online community of musicians who share and improve their practice methods through live stream.

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